Council Exchange Benefits
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Reducing Ownership Risk

Balancing risk and trust, with the complexity of entrepreneurship and the requirements of both employees and clients, is an art that business owners learn to manage and leverage daily.   

 The Council Exchange Benefits, Corporation (Council Benefits) works to reduce owner risk and increase employee satisfaction, while developing a managed service approach to continuity management.

Feature Innovation

Managed Service approach to Business Continuity Management

Council Benefits is developing a member based portfolio management system that leverages the capabilities of multiple stakeholders with industry knowledge.  Building and sustaining an equitable digital ecosystem requires trust.  Council Benefits is partnered with the worlds industry leader in designing program platforms for the minority technology industry, the Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT).

The CEBOT Digital Ecosystem Interface is a CEBOT Looking Forward Research & Development research project.  The Digital Ecosystem Lab is part of an ongoing research project to connect the minority tech industry to a greater mix of revenue generating opportunities that are developed through knowledge sharing, supported by over a decade of programed market research.

Why Now

The Minority Technology Industry has matured over the past 20 years into a vibrant market now identified by Federal, State and Local authorities.  This market segment can leverage economies of scale and employer best practices to reduce individual owner and investor risk while building employee retention and satisfaction through employee benefit management solutions.


+$100 Billion

Minority Technology Companies

Total Number of Employees

Total Sector Annual Sales

Discover2022 CEBOT Event Series(Starting August 2022)

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Discover 2023 CEBOT Event Series is mission focused on developing near term outcome oriented, ambitious and measurable targets to increase Public and Private contracting opportunities.

2022-2026 CEBOT Membership & Benefits Campaign

Help your employees prepare for unexpected challenges today to help ensure financial protection and peace of mind for tomorrow.

The Council Exchange Board of Trade is working with the insurance industry to develop an approved set of voluntary benefits to enable our member employer's an opportunity to offer a complete benefits plan that empowers employees to work happier and healthier.


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